The Framebuilders’ Collective is a group of professional, like-minded, career craftspeople. We, the members, have aligned ourselves to collect our thoughts and find ways to strengthen our trade. In these times of manufactured this, price point that, and sku’s around every corner, the framebuilding trade remains strong. As a peer group that has come together largely due to the online presence of its individual members, we have gravitated to each other, feel a common bond, and wish to use our collective knowledge, wisdom, and years of experience as a think tank of sorts, and contribute to lifting the tide that guides all of framebuilding. We have spent the past 18 months working through details, culling ideas, and planning for a day when we would make our group public.

The Framebuilders’ Collective’s vision includes –

  • Support and promote ethical professional framebuilder practices.
  • Mentor and preserve proven framebuilding techniques and business practices.
  • Pursue continued development and supply of quality raw materials used by professional framebuilders.
  • Define our craft.
  • Guidance for bicycle framebuilders entering the framebuilding trade.
  • Act as a resource for dissemination of information and resources bringing positive attention to the profession of Framebuilding.

As we transition our group from behind the scenes to working hard to create and foster a public presence, we will take a pro-active role in recruiting other like-minded peer builders who may hopefully add to the collective whole and help all involved support our niche trade by being respectful to its heritage while also striving to keep framebuilding at the forefront of the bicycle industry.