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A steel bicycle frame brings us the sensations of the mythical cycling sport of Coppi, Anquetil, Merckx or Indurain, while at the same time it brings us sturdiness and current technology applied to a modified bicycle.

In the 2013 and 2014 season, the English pro team Madison Genesis used a stainless steel bike, the Genesis Volare. It was like a revolving door for a material that had almost disappeared from the high-end market, and even more so in the top professional circuit.

Little by little, people began to see steel in the bikes of some professionals. In the final stage of the 2019 Tour, Oliver Naesen rode a steel Eddy Merckx on the Champs Elysees.
Steel bike frame
In the 21st century A steel bike? How long has it been since we’ve seen a steel bike in one of the world’s greatest races?
Would a steel bike be retro today? No, absolutely not. High-grade steel for the construction of bicycles has evolved a lot in recent decades. This is thanks to big companies like Columbus, Reynolds or Dedacciai. The material of Naesen’s bike is in no way comparable to the steel of the 1990s.

Oliver Naesen, the best classic cyclist of 2019, UCI numbers first, rode a custom bike, made entirely for him, with his angles, sizes and personal characteristics.

A step back from the commercial evolution of the bike, it tries to give a differential value for what is to come. Very exclusive and personalised bikes, very punctual and specialised.
Tailor-made bikes
Today on the market all manufacturers offer the same thing, differentiation is at the heart of things. This is where many new manufacturers of custom-made steel bikes were born. My goal with Oxia Cycles is to make a bike that is fully customized for the customer. I make steel road bikes, mountain bikes or the very fashionable gravel bikes. They are all made to measure.

A few years ago, buying online was something strange, but who doesn’t do it as a matter of course nowadays? Normally the purchase of a handmade bike goes through the internet, from contacting the craftsman to the whole continuous communication process to define the details of the steel frame. After all these steps, we keep communicating and informing about the whole process.

Therefore, the customer looking for a custom steel frame knows that the process must excite him because at the end he will have a unique bike in the world, with unique details that will make him the best.
Details that will always be with you, details that you will always feel, a custom bike should be an extension of your body. From the paint, to the choice of inner tubes, to the dimensions that are considered the DNA of a cyclist.
The emotion and feeling of a product that has been tailor-made from the ground up, that is what the steel bike is all about.
A process of months, measuring, calculating and obtaining details, extracting gold from every inch and every thought. Video and photo visualisation, so that the final experience on the machine is the expected and enjoyable one. An experience where all the feelings and emotions that started the project will flow, an indescribable moment.
Geometry in the construction of a bicycle
A steel bike performs very differently from a carbon bike. It brings something that a catalogue bike, whether carbon or aluminium, cannot achieve, the feeling of flowing on something unique and personal made for you.

I work with a methodical and detailed process with constant communication with the customer. This makes everything so personal that the bond that is formed is so strong that it becomes a friendship.
It is about a return to the rigid mountain bike, a tank under the legs, but at the same time light, agile and lively, elegant and powerful. A return to the elegant and sturdy road bike, with spectacular handling and a stiffness and geometry that are tailored to you. Discover the new gravel bikes ready to take on all the challenges in your path, with panniers or just with a backpack to enjoy a weekend trip.

Maybe you are at a point where you need more information, make it easy, read, look at pictures, watch videos and enjoy. In the menu you will find links to all the steel frames I have made, how the whole manufacturing process works, and even if you want to know more about me.

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